Sentences describing Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are

necessary if a country is to prosper.

a small and identifiable part of the population.

different and are born and cannot be created.

natural leaders, energetic and driven.

disrupters of social order and pressured by parents,
siblings and schoolteachers to be like everyone else.

should be protected, encouraged and provided with the tools of
management, with mistake reduction being the objective.

in need of vision believing and implementing followers. The
assisting of entrepreneurs should be a part of school curriculums.

better at project conception than management.

ever burdened by a need to prove themselves.

not always the best presenters of their concepts.

frequently productive when very young and seldom when older.

not necessarily good students, employees, team or family members.

motivated by power to create and recognition more than money.

We would all be better if young entrepreneurs were accepted and developed as being important, creative, societal assets, instead of being pressured into perceived normalcy.


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