An Offer of Possible Royalty Terms Which Investors Believing In Your Company Will Find Attractive

For $9.99 or $18.00 you can buy from Amazon either an eBook or soft cover printed copy of Revenue Royalties.

Or you can review my Journal or visit or contact me for additional free sources of information re royalties.

Alternatively, for $250.00, which can be paid if you are satisfied with the information that will be emailed you shortly after you supply us with the below data, you will receive the terms of a royalty which we believe will be attractive to investors favorably impressed with the possible achievement of your projected revenues.

You may use a code name for the company and no data other than following, as this is simply an exercise to demonstrate what is possible if you can validate the projections. It is also not all the information would be required or need to be provided if we were to enter into a financial advisory relationship.

Please click on DataForm to download the form below.
It can be filled out electronically and submitted by email to


Code name:


Description of industry of customer of company:


Amount sought, as being necessary to reach either cash flow sufficiency or some other achievement resulting in a higher valuation.


Revenues of the last 12 months


For a 10-year royalty:
First Year Estimated Revenue after funding

For the remaining 9 years enter estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of revenues in designated number of consecutive annual periods.
Years 2-___ CAGR %____
Years _____ CAGR %____
Years _____ CAGR %____


Percentage Net After Tax estimated profit margin


Price/Earnings ratios of comparable publicly traded companies


That is all that we need to provide you with the analytics of the above with the terms of a royalty we will suggest as being attractive to investors accepting the projected data. The interests of the investors will be protected and the company issuing the royalty will have an ability to redeem all outstanding royalties on pre-negotiated terms.

Royalty investors own an agreed percentage of defined revenues, for an agreed period, but none of the company.

We are making you this offer as we expect to profit from relationships developed as a result of business owners becoming familiar with the basics of using royalties to finance their companies using our patented approaches. It is highly probable that our involvement as advisors will significantly improve the royalty structure and terms. It is also possible that we will be able to suggest investors interested in purchasing royalties from promising companies.

For those wishing a response which is fully relevant to their company more information is required as is described in our Journal entry “A Challenge“.

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