Are you interested in meeting the CEO’s of highly promising companies interested in selling a royalty on their revenues?

If you are an accredited or professional investor interested in meeting with the CEO’s of companies considered to be both sustainable and having a positive projection of annual revenues for a 10- to 20-year period, we can provide an introduction.

The companies we will introduce will be paying us a fee if they ultimately use one of our patented approaches for using royalties, instead of debt or equity, in the financing of their businesses.

The companies we will introduce have agreed in principle to offer a 10 to 20-year royalty, having a minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 15% over the course of the royalty payment period. They will also have a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate of revenues of at least 10% a year.

Furthermore, the companies will offer investor protections providing a conservative risk/reward ratio. In addition, the terms of the issuer’s right of redemption, which we believe most companies will exercise, will be such that investors will receive a greater IRR than had been originally anticipated because of the accelerated repurchase. Royalty issuing companies will likely exercise their redemption right, terminating the royalty within an agreed period, if they wish to: go public, sell the company, refinance the company or simply have excess retained capital, as each royalty payment made could have been a pre-tax profit

If you are interested visit our website: and Books which I have authored regarding royalties which are available at include: Revenue Royalties, Off The Top, and the Larry and Barry Guide to Understanding Royalties

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