Delaying the sale of equity until the business is bigger and more profitable, is good business

The difference between the current company valuation and that which can be accomplished with additional capital, if it were available, can be very significant.

Using our REX website calculators, the valuation difference, including the cost of royalty rate-based payments, if the revenues projected are achieved, can be immediately calculated.

The royalties we recommend to investors and issuers include an issuer’s right of redemption, permitting a termination of the royalty payment obligation.

Currently, the REX website calculators are complimentary and I am prepared to provide advice if invited to do so. In order for me to offer suggestions for using the calculators you will need to provide me with the password used, because no one other than the person entering the data may access the data.

The REX calculators are

Also reviewing the royalty focused blog Journal should be found interesting and constructive.


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