New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions for Those

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Arthur Lipper


I will seek to earn greater financial returns by including consideration of investing in privately-owned companies. In selecting the privately-owned companies in which to become involved I will focus on their likely growth of revenues and consider buying a royalty, which is a percentage of their revenues. I will be able to invest the quarterly royalty payments received to increase my overall returns and do not have to sell what I have bought to receive profit.


I will seek to help the owners of the selected companies to grow businesses, without becoming an owner of these businesses, by providing expansion capital through the purchase of a royalty. I recognize that my royalty payments will increase as the company’s revenues increase and that therefore the owners will also benefit from my investment.


I will seek to help the community and society generally by financing the expansion of companies expected to have increasing revenues, as these companies will: hire and train more people, need larger facilities, buy more raw materials, serve more customers, pay more taxes and that there will be a positive ripple-effect resulting from the companies having greater revenues. Company growth is a win/win situation for all concerned.


Therefore, if I am able to achieve that resolved, I will be benefiting myself, the owners of the companies selling me a royalty and the community.


For information about royalties and why they are the better way of both investing in and financing of privately-owned companies see the following:, www.Royalties.Website and


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January 6, 2019