Ostrich-like investors who eschew royalties and business owners who do not finance their companies through issuing royalties are depriving themselves of the inherent benefits of royalties

Royalties, are a percentage of a company’s defined revenues, for an agreed period, with agreed terms and conditions. Over successive periods the defined revenues are an infallible measure of the value of the products or services sold by the company to its customers.

Royalties are purchased by investors seeking longer-term income benefit from the revenue increasing success of the corporate issuer.

Royalty investors are not interested in advising, managing or otherwise influencing the owners or managers of the corporate issuers.

Royalty investors have no ownership interest in the companies selling royalties and therefore are not interested in or impacted by reported earnings or company valuations.

Royalty investors just want the corporate issuers to continue to increase their revenues.

In the royalty structures we recommend, the royalty issuing companies have the ability to repurchase the royalties sold to investors on pre-agreed terms.

Royalties are a win/win for both investors and issuers.

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