Spearheads Need a Staff to Make Their Point

           It’s the staff which makes                         the spearhead effective

Spearheads can also be leveraged and used as a projectile, accomplishing an objective while allowing the defender or attacker to be protected by distance. Without the appropriate staff the spearhead has limited effectiveness and may be of only ornamental benefit.

Those accepting the responsibility of performing spearhead functions on behalf of or within organizations have a need and obligation to be satisfactorily supported with organizational resources, which includes staffs, permitting them to be as effective as possible.

The staff of a spearheading individual or team has two primary functions. The first is to prepare presentations with relevant and timely data which contribute when well presented, to a desired conclusion or action by the audience.

The other primary function of the staff is to follow up on meetings, either directly with the individals who have been pitched or with the people identified by those in the meeting. Of course, it is also the spearheads to whom follow up data can be provided based upon their reporting to the staff about the expectations created at the meeting.

In closing, it is recognized that for progress to occur there must be spearhead presentations. However, for there to be greater positive results achieved at these meetings the spearheads must be mounted on and supported by their staffs.

I used to be a spearhead and when successful I was supported by a great staff. When operating without the benefit of a staff I was much less effective. Fortunately, I currently have wonderful support.


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