No matter how misspelled a YOLTRAY is the best for both investors and entrepreneurs

Those believing that a company has a solution to the needs many prospective users will, if successful, be able to achieve continuing revenue growth.

A Yoltray (royalty), requiring the company to pay its investors a percentage of revenues, instead of ownership in the company, will better serve the interest of its owners and the investors.

The investors can be paid simultaneously with the company’s receipt of revenues, instead of waiting for a company’s calculation of profits, if profit sharing was the inducement to invest.

The investors can be granted independent access to the amount and receipt of revenues received by the company.

The investors are not involved in or concerned by profit determination or executive compensation, or other payments made by the company.

The terms of the royalty can include both minimum payment requirements and an issuer’s right of redemption, providing the investor a significant return, if exercised by the company issuing the royalty.

The owners of the company using a royalty to attract investors, have much greater flexibility than the owners of companies having sold equity or borrowed the funds.

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