A Challenge:

To Business Owners Seeking Growth Capital
Through Non-Dilutive Revenue Royalties

by Arthur Lipper

We are presently in the process of assisting fund managers who seek to form royalty income funds. The initial funds will be focused on acquiring revenue royalties from established companies, in a diversified portfolio designed to provide current income with carefully managed risk.

We wish to be in contact with the owners of companies that have annual revenues of at least $2 million or more, which have shown a consistent trend of increasing revenues over the past three years. These companies will have expansion plans, when adequately funded on fair terms, anticipated to result in revenues that will grow by at least 10% per year, over a 20-year period.

The revenue royalties in which there may be investor interest will be based on the payment of a percentage of total defined revenues to investors. There is no common equity or debt involved, so such investments are non-dilutive to current shareholders.

Since a royalty investor is primarily concerned with revenue growth, there are no restrictions on executive compensation or other factors which impact reported profitability. Royalty issuers will have a right of early redemption, the terms of which will be a multiple of investor’s cost, as negotiated at the time of the transaction.

If you are interested in this type of financing for your company, please provide some basic information, as much as you are comfortable with, by sending an email to Arthur Lipper with your comments on the following:

• Your name or company name, title; your email address

• When established, how many current employees

• How much capital is required to maximize your growth opportunity

• Approximate annual growth revenues, past three years; approximate projected annual revenues for the next five years, after receiving financing

• Description of your company’s main industry, and your competitive advantages

• Significant intellectual property assets; copyrights, trademarks, patents pending, issued

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All information will be treated in strict confidence and no contacts will be made with any third party without your expicit authorization.

Based on our review of the information provided we will contact you within three days to explore further.

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Not considering financing a business at this time, but still interested in revenue royalties?

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