Are you interested in meeting investors who would like to purchase royalties, instead of stock, from promising companies?

We are the patent holding experts in the use of revenue royalties to finance privately-owned companies. Because of our expertise we are in contact with investors interested in benefitting from the revenue growth of companies issuing royalties.

If you are interested in financing your company, without having to sell any stock, complete the following form and email it to us.

If you are interested in learning about the terms of a non-equity diluting royalty, that we believe royalty investors would be interested in considering, email me the following data and I will return to you the approximate and general terms and resulting Analytics based on the achievement of the projected revenues.

If you first would like to learn more about royalties the following will be of interest: a Journal containing many articles regarding royalties, one of six website calculators used in structuring royalties

Books which I have authored regarding royalties which are available at include: Revenue Royalties, Off The Top, and the Larry and Barry Guide to Understanding Royalties

Arthur Lipper, Chairman
British Far East Holdings Ltd. 1+858 793 7100 (Pacific Coast Time)

Data you provide below – which will not be shared, without your approval, and which will allow us to calculate and share only with you the Analytics resulting from the general terms which may be of interest to a professional investor.

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