World Congress of Angel Investors

Startup Equity Investors Can Take
Advantage of Business Founders 
and Still Have Difficulty
In Consistently Producing Superior Return


World Congress of Angel Investors (WCAI)
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We love to invest in the equity of companies having slide decks explaining conservatively why our investment will result in monster returns as soon as they are able to use our money to do what is necessary to come to market, as major companies will become dependent on their products or services.

Of course, as effectively, but not legally, we become partners we will offer our valuable advice and use our full range of contacts to assist companies in which we have an interest. We believe that it will help the company if we agree, as we do, to have several board of director memberships.

In order to benefit the founders of the company, if the results of using our funds are not as positive as indicted in the slide deck and the company requires additional funding, we will consider being of financial assistance. The terms of our continuing interest will understandably require greater, and perhaps controlling, membership of the board of directors. The necessary future investment will be on terms reflecting our assessment of the then current situation. Of course, we will have a right of first refusal on all financings of the company.

To further assist the company, we will exercise the necessary right of approval regarding the attorneys, accountants and other advisors retrained by the company.

Being dream investors we look forward to being of service. However, we do not believe in Non-Disclosure Agreements and may require a fee to cover our due diligence expense.

The above was prompted by a constructive CFA talk given yesterday by my friend, the successful VC, George Kenney, regarding the need of entrepreneurs to create investor trust that they are both trustworthy and have the ability, given adequate funding, to create investor profit. These and all my writings represent only my views and not those of anyone else. — Arthur Lipper