Hello! We want to collaborate with companies and others having existing business relationships with companies seeking expansion capital

We are the company which has been able to patent approaches for using royalties in the non-equity diluting financing of businesses. We are able to structure multi-million-dollar royalties which will, with limited risk, provide high and growing returns to investors.

The investors purchase an agreed percentage of the defined revenues of a company for an agreed period with agreed terms and conditions.

The business owner has the benefit of obtaining growth capital with which to expand the business, without the necessity of selling any part of the business, only a share of revenues. Most importantly, the owner has a royalty right of redemption, permitting the termination of all outstanding royalties, on terms negotiated at the time of the royalty sale/purchase.

Business expansion is generally positive for all concerned including the: investors, business owners, employees, customers, community and society. Of course, there are services which have to be provided to the investors and there are fees for those providing the services.

The possible collaborative relationships we’d like to explore are with organizations which will also benefit from the expansion of the company selling a royalty to investors.

Organizations include:

Financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, because they have direct contact with business managers and owners and also have a vested interest in the expansion of the businesses.

Professional advisors, such as law and accounting firms, because their services are required in royalty financings and they benefit from the expanded businesses.

Investment managers, because royalties can be structured to provide better and increasing levels  of income, with less risk than alternative investments and there would be a substantial demand for royalty income funds.

Family offices and business advisors, because they both have investment management functions and a need for better project supporting structures.

Unions, because they benefit from business expansion and have an investment need so well met by royalties.

Communities economic development agencies, because their mission is to encourage and assist in business expansion.

Managers of educational, health-related and other Not-For-Profit institutions can use royalties based on usage for capital raising. This includes government provided facilities and services ranging from bridges, tunnels, highways to airports, hospitals, power provision  and garbage collection. In China there are more than 10,000 Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), many of which need refinancing.

Therefore, if your organization benefits from assisting in the process of business expansion please contact us to explore the possibility of collaboration. The contact is without cost and the result possibly significant.

Arthur Lipper, Chairman
British Far East Holdings Ltd.
858 793 7100

Data sources: REX-Basic.com, arthurlipper.com
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